Tuesday, September 21, 2010

There's a new blog in town

I've been working on a new blog with a name I like better. I don't have a background I love yet but it's good enough right now to at least direct you there.

Follow me over here . . .

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Soup Season

I'm ready for fall. But in Texas fall doesn't really start to settle in till after Halloween. I like soup but I'm not willing to wait that long for it. So I decided to start making soup once a week to coerce fall to arrive.

Last week I made that pizza soup that I made before. I think I'll take a break from it for a while. I used less pasta this time but the leftovers were really greasy, probably from the Italian sausage. So I ended up throwing out a lot of it, something I really hate to do.

This week I made taco soup. I like this one a lot. It's really easy to throw together & it makes A LOT. So much that I decided to try my hand at freezing some of the leftovers for some time in the future. I guess we'll see how that turns out when I decide to use it.

Next week I want to make buffalo wing soup. I've been craving good hot wings in a bad way. No, I'm not pregnant. I just crave things on occasion. Jeremy has already promised me Wingstop this weekend. And I'm planning to make a buffalo chicken pizza tomorrow night. See, major craving!

If you have a good beef stew recipe, I'd love to have it. Stew is close enough to soup. But every time I've made it, it's always seemed to be missing something.

I'm gonna keep on looking for more soups to try & post the ones I really like.

Friday, September 10, 2010

3 Weeks To Go!

The marathon is only 3 weeks away. 3 weeks! Eeek!

Last week I finally took the plunge & signed up. It made it official. No turning back now.

One portion of the form asked what my estimated finish time will be. I put down 5:15:30 (5 hr. 15 min., 30 seconds). Based on some recent long runs that's about what's estimated. I would love to finish under 5 hours & it is possible. But if I don't meet that goal I'm ok with it. Just finishing is an accomplishment.

Tomorrow is my last real long run: 20 miles. I've attempted this twice so far, both on the treadmill due to the Texas heat. The first time didn't go so well & I only got 17 miles done. The 2nd time was much better & I got it all done but I didn't feel like it was the best training since I had to get off a few times for water refills which stopped the clock on the treadmill. In a race the clock doesn't stop for you.

So I'm excited to try this run tomorrow. It's been pretty humid here this week after all the rain from the tropical storm off the coast so I'm planning to get a very early start, like before the sun is even up. I'm also having to tackle this one alone. Normally Jeremy rides his bike with me, encouraging me to keep going & carrying my goodies (Gatorades, water, & energy beans). But he's out of town this weekend so I've got a 2-mile loop & a 1-mile loop in my in-laws' neighborhood that I'll do. I have to refuel every 3 miles so I'll do 2 miles, drink some water, then 1 mile & drink a gatorade, then the 2 miles again & so on till I complete all 20 miles. I hope I don't lose count! Being by myself will be closer to race conditions since Jeremy will only be able to meet me at a few mile markers along the race.

After this run I get to taper off, having shorter runs during the week & then my last 2 long runs are a 12-miler & then an 8-miler. And then it's 26.2 miles.

Oh, and I bought my singlet for the marathon today & will have something special put on the back of it. I can't wait to reveal it! There's also a super cute purple running skirt I have my eye on. I may feel terrible when it's over & be tired & sweaty, but I'm gonna look going doing it!